The ZPL is compatible with the GPL, by specific intent. I know, because ZC's board chairman and I were the ones that spent the lawyer money and negotiated with the FSF to make it happen.

The other points about whether Zope and Plone and who got mad at whom, when, and what agendas each party had that got masqueraded as license disputes....gosh, I hope that Repoze is a place where we can leave all that behind.

If Gustavo wants it to go in the Repoze core, he'll have to use the Repoze choice of license. Otherwise, he's perfectly free to use the license he wants. But Repoze is not going to proactively discourage use of GPL for non-core stuff.


On Sep 17, 2008, at 12:22 PM, David Pratt wrote:

Hi Gustavo.  An LDAP package is a useful and interesting addition to
who. Unfortunately, the licensing choice is not compatible with
repoze and I could not use it as a result.  In reality, I  don't
believe it is productive to extend the same licensing game (to
repoze) that has plaqued zope and plone for years (by taking from ZPL
and creating GPL). This had only resulted in isolation of plone code
- and no code sharing between zope and plone. This of course is your
decision but I don't believe it is useful to follow this pattern.

If you anticipate uptake of your package or contribution, my
recommendation is use a compatible licensing scheme from which the
code originated. You might also consider contributing this as an
official plugin to repoze and making it available from the repoze
repository where more eyes will be upon it.


On Sep 8, 2008, at 9:12 PM, Chris McDonough wrote:

Thank you Gustavo, looks good!

Gustavo Narea wrote:
Hello, everyone.

The first release candidate for version 1 of the LDAP plugin for
repoze.who is

It provides an easy-to-use LDAP authenticator that is compatible
with any
identifier that defines the 'login' and 'password' items in the
dictionary, like the FormPlugin and RedirectingFormPlugin plugins.

It also provides a metadata provider for you to have loaded the
attributes you
want for authenticated users automatically.

The project is fully documented and ships with a working demo
application to
see it in action with your own LDAP server.

Please, do not hesitate to play with it and give feedback!

For more information, visit:



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