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David Pratt wrote:
> Hi Gustavo.  An LDAP package is a useful and interesting addition to  
> who. Unfortunately, the licensing choice is not compatible with  
> repoze and I could not use it as a result.

Correction:  the license we are using[1] is a minimal BSD-like license,
and can certainly be "mixed" in a derived work with GPL code:  the
resulting derived work would only be distributable under the GPL, however.

IANAL, YMMV, etc., but I would tend to think that installing a GPL
plugin into a BSD framework  does *not* cause a derived work to be
created however, as the underlying framework is clearly prior to and
independent of the plugin.  Distributing both the framework and the
plugin together would then come under the heading of "mere aggregation".

> In reality, I  don't  
> believe it is productive to extend the same licensing game (to  
> repoze) that has plaqued zope and plone for years (by taking from ZPL  
> and creating GPL). This had only resulted in isolation of plone code  
> - and no code sharing between zope and plone. This of course is your  
> decision but I don't believe it is useful to follow this pattern.

The choice of the GPL by the Plone community has certainly contributed
to a gap between them and the wider Zope community;  on the other hand,
they might argue that the GPL is part of a succesful marketing and
commnunity-building strategy.

> If you anticipate uptake of your package or contribution, my  
> recommendation is use a compatible licensing scheme from which the  
> code originated. You might also consider contributing this as an  
> official plugin to repoze and making it available from the repoze  
> repository where more eyes will be upon it.

We would be glad to have the code contributed, assuming that Gustavo is
willing to do so.  See the contributor agreement[2] for details:

[1] http://repoze.org/license.html

[2] http://repoze.org/contributing.html

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