Hi everybody.

I'm working on the authorization framework for TurboGears 2, which is based on 
repoze.who, and I'm planning on making it TurboGears-independent, so that more 
developers may take advantage of the framework. In fact, it can be used 
outside of TG with a couple of minor modifications.

But instead of starting a new independent project, I would like to work 
closely with repoze.who.

I find it wise to keep repoze.who independent of authorization-related tasks, 
but it's unavoidable to keep the authorization system independent of the 
authentication. You can use repoze.who without tgext.authorization, but the 
opposite is impossible (its core functionality works as a repoze.who metadata 

The consequences are that while documenting tgext.authorization I have to 
document the repoze.who functionality I mention in the former and it'd be a 
bit annoying to maintain plugins for both frameworks (if I maintain a 
repoze.who LDAP plugin, should I start a new project just to add support for 
tgext.authorization and make it work in the tgext.authorization.plugins 

I propose to keep developing the authentication framework independently, but 
merge both documentations and both plugin namespaces. Specifically, I have two 
options in mind:
  1.- Turn tgext.authorization into repoze.what ("who" -> authentication; 
"what" -> authorization). But this won't solve the problem with the 
documentation nor the plugins.
  2.- Start a new project under a new namespace (possibly under repoze.*?), 
made up of the modules {project}.authentication (former repoze.who), 
{project}.authorization (former tgext.authorization), {project}.plugins as a 
namespace for plugins (plugins may add {project}.authentication's identifiers, 
authenticators, challengers and/or metadata providers, as well as 
{project}.authorization's group and/or permission source adapters) and another 
module that will act as the "glue" to enable authorization. Also, both 
documentations would be merged.

Unfortunately, the documentation for tgext.authorization has been recently 
included in TurboGears', and TG2 online docs are out-of-date at this moment. 
So, if you want to learn more about tgext.authorization, you may download and 
build the TG2 docs (check the auth tutorial):

Of course, no offense would be taken if you prefer not to merge both projects 

Gustavo Narea.

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