Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>>   - The Repoze Zope 2 packaging is maintained outside the Zope core. I 
>>> don't think we can depend on that long term, though I hope that we'll 
>>> see a WSGI-capable Zope core before long anyway.
>> I don't see a license or legal problem here. From the standpoint of a
>> healthy and active community Repoze seems to be better off compared to
>> Zope2 ;)
> True, but I'm not sure ChrisM has signed up to make Zope releases for us 
> forever. I'd be much happier if we were using "the one true Zope" 
> release, or at least something that promised to become the "one true 
> Zope" in the mid term future.

Ah, I misunderstood your point. We are not using any of the repackaged
stuff from repoze. As we have everything egg-based by now, we can use
the Zope2 egg (from SVN) and repoze.zope2 directly. There's no zopelib,
cmflib or any of the other involved anymore.


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