Hello, José.

On Wednesday December 3, 2008 17:15:43 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Ok, new version of repoze.what.plugins.inifile with the following changes:
> * Now is called repoze.what.plugins.ini.
> * configure_INI_adapters is gone.
> * Basic test suite written.
> * NotImplementedError exceptions changed for SourceError.

Cool :)

> Source code here:
> http://reduc.uc.edu.ve/intranet/tmp/repoze.bfg/repoze.what.plugins.ini-0.2.
> Again, comment, recommendations, critics are all welcome.

OK, here I go:

1.- I can't run the test suite. One of the reasons is that in setup.py you use 
the non-existing file VERSION.txt, there's a typo in one of the parameters for 
setup() ("namespace_package" should be "namespace_packages"), repoze.what is 
not declared as a package namespace (check the SQL plugin to find how to fix 
it) and in test_plugin_ini.py you try to use the non-existing files groups.ini 
and permissions.ini.
2.- As of the latest revision in the repository (this is, the upcoming beta2), 
repoze.what supports read-only sources. So, since your plugin will be read-
only for the time being, you may want to remove the methods that raise 
SourceError. Note: For this to work you have to define the `is_writable` 
attribute in the adapter -- example:
> class INIAdapter(BaseSourceAdapter):
>     # ...
>     def __init__(self, filename):
>         # ...
>         self.is_writable = False
>         # ...
3.- INIGroupAdapter.__init__ and INIPermissionsAdapter.__init__ are not 
necessary, so you may want to remove them.

That's it for now. Please let me know when you have the test suite working so 
that we can be sure that it works as expected ;-)


PS: I could've just sent you the patch with the corrections, so that you 
simply apply it all in one go (instead of fixing everything by hand) and thus 
save you time. Would it be possible for you to use a revision control system 
like Subversion, Bazaar, etc? If so, please consider using a public one; if 
not, don't worry too much about it and let's keep going this way :)

(launchpad.net, sourceforge.net and github.com are cool & gratis providers)
Gustavo Narea <http://gustavonarea.net/>.

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