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> Hello, José.
> [...]
> OK, here I go:
> 1.- I can't run the test suite. One of the reasons is that in setup.py you use
> the non-existing file VERSION.txt, there's a typo in one of the parameters for
> setup() ("namespace_package" should be "namespace_packages"), repoze.what is
> not declared as a package namespace (check the SQL plugin to find how to fix
> it) and in test_plugin_ini.py you try to use the non-existing files groups.ini
> and permissions.ini.
> 2.- As of the latest revision in the repository (this is, the upcoming beta2),
> repoze.what supports read-only sources. So, since your plugin will be read-
> only for the time being, you may want to remove the methods that raise
> SourceError. Note: For this to work you have to define the `is_writable`
> attribute in the adapter -- example:
>> class INIAdapter(BaseSourceAdapter):
>>     # ...
>>     def __init__(self, filename):
>>         # ...
>>         self.is_writable = False
>>         # ...
> 3.- INIGroupAdapter.__init__ and INIPermissionsAdapter.__init__ are not
> necessary, so you may want to remove them.
> That's it for now. Please let me know when you have the test suite working so
> that we can be sure that it works as expected ;-)
> Saludos!
> PS: I could've just sent you the patch with the corrections, so that you
> simply apply it all in one go (instead of fixing everything by hand) and thus
> save you time. Would it be possible for you to use a revision control system
> like Subversion, Bazaar, etc? If so, please consider using a public one; if
> not, don't worry too much about it and let's keep going this way :)


1) Mea culpa. Corrected the typo, added the namespaces, corrected setup.py to
add VERSION.txt, and tests/*.ini files. 'python setup.py test' runs and
generates no output.
2) Added 'self.is_writable = False'. I'm working on the writable version. It's
easy if you don't mind to trow away all the comments in the source files on
each change.
3) No more __init__ in INIAdapter subclasses.
4) Created public repository on:



BTW: Is it OK to use repoze-dev for this thread?

Ing. José Dinuncio
Unidad de Redes Telemáticas
Universidad de Carabobo

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