On Dec 9, 2008, at 10:15 AM, Hanno Schlichting wrote:

> Hi.
> Tom Gross wrote:
>>  is there any repoze-component for catching zope2-exceptions except
>> cgitb which is unsuitable for production environments. omitting cgitb
>> results in a white page which isn't too good eighter. is there a  
>> product
>> which can return customized error pages?
> If you find anything, please let us know. For Plone we need this
> functionality as well, so we can still offer nicely formatted "not
> found" and general "error" pages.

For Plone, do you need the "nicely formatted" to include links to CSS  
that are automagically assembled by the WSGI app (Plone)?  If so, you  
have a bit of a chicken-or-egg situation.

If Plone's future includes repoze.squeeze, which might have already  
written a generated set of static stuff to disk for serving by a  
StaticURLParser or some such, then I retract my point.

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