Platform current Debian Sid python2.5.

0) nothing to do with repoze. 
virtualenv -p python2.5 ... does not work.
python2.5 /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ ...  is fine.
Also, current Debian may have multiple python-dev packages, choose
version you need, as in python2.4-dev or python2.5-dev.  python-dev
is a virtual package giving the current default python's package, and
no older or more recent versions.

1)  I don't know if this is easy to fix, but I suspect it is.  buildout 
downloaded and
built libxml2 and libxslt as expected.  buildout then died, with a message 
needing a new setuptools.

bin/python-bfg -U setuptools
as in the failure message installed setuptools fine.

Then the freshly built libxml2 and libxslt were deleted, the tarballs 
and rebuilt.

Is there any way to move the setuptools check so that it occurs before the 
download/build cycle?

2)  built a project from the template per instructions.  bin/paster was 
cd myproject; ../bin/python-bfg test -q 
did not run.  Failed because it could not find ../bin/README.txt. 
touch ../bin/README.txt
and then rerun.
Now fails on ../bin/CHANGES.txt.  touch and rerun, and it complete 
Should either be fixed or documented.  Seems pretty flaky to want .txt 
in ../bin anyway!

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