I'm working on upgrading the turbogears quickstart tutorials to
provide a nicer integration with repoze.who/repoze.what

One feature we are missing is the display a "Login Failed" message, I
was discussing this over with Gustavo and we didn't came up with a
simple answer so far.

Turbogears quickstart is using RedirectingFormPlugin and we have our
build in flash which stores things on the Session, so ideally we
should be calling tg.flash from inside the code that says "if login
failed go back to /login". how can we accomplish this?

Bonus points if we could allow a customization of the error message
with a callback or parameter.

As a side question, which will be the advantages/disadvantages of
dropping the redirecting form, and use a simple form plugin? keep in
mind the TG quickstart is aimed at two sets of people.
- newbies that want to try out the framework
- experienced developers that want to start a new application with
sane defaults.

Therefore the solution we apply here not only has to be easy but
production ready. If using a FormPlugin complicates things a little
but provides more flexibility I'm willing to do that sacrifice.

Anyway thanks for your help.
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