Hello, everybody.

There's a new release candidate for repoze.what.

* Fixed the constructor of the Not predicate, which didn't call its parent and
  therefore it was not possible to specify a custom message.
* From now on, predicates that are not met will have only *one* error message,
  even in compound predicates. It didn't make sense to have a list of errors
  and thus this behavior has been changed in this release. This will affect
  you if you deal with :func:`repoze.what.authorize.check_authorization`
  directly and handled the errors of
  :class:`repoze.what.authorize.NotAuthorizedError` as in::
        check_authorization(predicate, environ)
    except NotAuthorizedError, exc:
        for error in exc.errors:
            print error
  The code above may be updated this way::
        check_authorization(predicate, environ)
    except NotAuthorizedError, exc:
        print exc
  .. note::
    This doesn't affect TurboGears 2 users because TG itself deals with this
    function and it's already updated to work with :mod:`repoze.what` 1.0rc2.
    Keep in mind that for this release to work on TurboGears 2, you need
    TurboGears 2 Beta 1 (not yet released as of this writing) or the latest
    revision in the repository.
* For forward compatibility, it's no longer mandatory to use the
  groups/permissions-based authorization pattern in order to use
  :mod:`repoze.what`. This package should support several authorization 
  patterns and they must all be optional, such as the upcoming support for
  roles-based authorization in :mod:`repoze.what` 1.5. As a result, now you
  can skip the definition of group and permission adapters and use
  :func:`repoze.what.middleware.setup_auth` as a simple proxy for
      app_with_auth = setup_auth(

TG2 trunk users: To use this release candidate, you have to update your TG2 
working copy, and vice versa, if you update your working copy you'll need this 
repoze.what release (just run `python setup.py develop` to have it installed).

I'd also like to highly a new adapters plugins which makes repoze.what support 
groups and permissions stored in XML files: 

So now you're able to store your groups in databases, Ini files (thanks to 
José Dinuncio) and XML files. On my part, I won't work on more adapters so 
that I can work on repoze.what itself, but if somebody wants to create a new 
one, I'd love to see one to re-use Htgroups files.

On a side note, I'd like to let you know that I'll be on vacations from today 
until Jan 11 and I may not be able to check my email very often during this 
time (although I may be wrong).

Gustavo Narea <http://gustavonarea.net/>.

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