Chris McDonough wrote:

> Creating parallel "adapter", "utility" and "subscriber" handlers is really 
> how I
> should have started things out, but I didn't, and given that there are people
> using the system in the wild that this would cause problems for in a new
> release, I wanted to ask for comments.

This seems like a fairly silly way to make repoze.bfg more of an island 
than it already is. What is the real-world cost of those dependencies? I 
know there are a few problems - running on GAE, detailed security 
audits, that kind of thing - but I'm not convinced it's an issue for 
most people.

Why can't we instead try to work with the Zope 3 project to untangle the 
dependencies there? It's definitely a desirable goal in that project 
too, but one that hasn't happened for lack of the type of analysis 
you've done here.


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