Chris McDonough wrote:
>> Maybe there's some potential to create a set of core ZCML registration 
>> handlers
>> for utility, adapter, subscriber, and interace that are not actually part of
>> BFG, but on which BFG and other non-Zope apps could depend.  I suspect this 
>> is
>> the only realistic way to go forward: I don't think it's reasonable to tell 
>> the
>> people who have Zope apps in production which use these declarations that 
>> they
>> won't be able to use untrusted code or permission declarations, or the global
>> registry.
> In that spirit, here is the first cut at some documentation for a package I'm
> now working on.  Comments appreciated...

That package is now done...


I've adjusted the trunk of bfg and the trunk of chameleon.zpt to use ZCML
declaration implementations from this rather than using the "stock"
implementations from zope.component.  We will thus wind up shedding these
dependencies in the next release of BFG:

We can't shed the i18n-related packages as chameleon still legitimately depends
on them.

- C

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