On Dec 21, 2008, at 9:31 AM, Chris McDonough wrote:

> But one thing won't happen: bfg is not going to live
> with four inappropriate dependencies forever to service a goal of  
> fidelity.

Repoze is the place where we co-habitate with the goals of other  
projects, such as Zope and Plone.  BFG, though, is where we make  
something that is more fun than frustration, defining the goals and  
limits to serve the purpose of BFG.

Thus, +1M on Chris's point.  People that want the fidelity of Zope  
already have other choices.  Hell, Zope itself gives them two very  
different choices, and Grok is a third.

People who want to enjoy other Python web stuff as part of the core,  
in combination with the fun part of Zope, and strive for fun and  
minimalism, now have a place to hang out.  People that don't share  
that goal, or have the goal of Zope fidelity, are well-served elsewhere.

BFG != Zope, by the original motivation of its creation.

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