Martin Aspeli wrote:

> repoze.zcml is a symptom that an improvement is needed further down the 
> stack. In the Plone world, we've learned the hard way that rolling your 
> own to avoid having to push something deeper into the stack is a costly 
> strategy in the long run. Paul should certainly know this. :) It may be 
> that Repoze should take a bit more pain now, in the form of writing a 
> proposal and putting up with some flak or politicking, to save having to 
> maintain a growing amount of custom code later. Or not. But at least 
> let's not give up before we've tried.

I personally won't be doing any politicking.

If someone wants to create a proposal and float it on zope-dev,  I'd participate
in the discussion and if it got approved, the implementation.  If that worked
satisfactorily, I'd decommission repoze.zcml.

- C

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