Hi Chris,

As discussed on IRC, that is fine for me. More comments below:

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 11:00 AM, Chris McDonough <chr...@plope.com> wrote:
> I release a new version of repoze.zcml (0.2) a few days ago that depends
> explicitly on zope.component>=3.5.0. But this won't help you if you really do
> want it to work under stock 3.4.
> I think the ultimate fix is to remove the ZCML from chameleon (and thus not
> depend on repoze.zcml or zope.component at all).  I'm waiting for malthe to
> unhiberate to talk about this.
> In the meantime, you should be able to *not* include the ZCML that comes with
> chameleon.zpt and do this in your Zope 3 app:
> <configure xmlns="http://namespaces.zope.org/zope";
>           package="chameleon.zpt">
>  <utility
>     name="python"
>     component=".expressions.python_translator" />
>  <adapter
>     name="string"
>     factory=".expressions.StringTranslator" />
> </configure>

I actually had to pull in a little bit more stuff, since ``z3c.pt``
configure.zcml has a '<include package="chameleon.zpt" />'. I ended up
with the attached zcml.

Sidnei da Silva

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