I found two minor issues by using repoze.sphinx.autointerface:

1. Can someone please update the pypi page?
http://pypi.python.org/pypi/repoze.sphinx.autointerface/0.1.2 still says
'.. autoinclude:: yourpackage.interfaces.IFoo' however this did not work for me and indeed README.txt says
'.. autointerface:: yourpackage.interfaces.IFoo' which works.

2. I was unable to use autointerface 0.1.2 on Fedora 10 (Python 2.5.2) because of this:
  File ".../repoze/sphinx/autointerface.py", line 87, in _resolve_dotted_name
    thing = __import__('.'.join(path), {}, {}, [name])
TypeError: Item in ``from list'' not a string

I found out that 'name' contained a unicode string (like u'IFoo'). I was able to 'fix' this by changing '[name]' to '[str(name)]'. Maybe this is because I have some umlauts in my full path name (but of course not in a Python module).


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