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On Thursday January 15, 2009 03:28:43 Jorge Vargas wrote:
> bugs in the docs
> - the sample code is wrong, as BaseAuthPlugin isn't an authenticator.

Right, I've just fixed this in trunk. Thanks!

> - setting it as a "form_identifies" other than having a wrong name add
> nothing to the log output of repoze.what

"form_identifies" is not used for that (and it's a boolean):

> I currently added the following to my app_cfg.py file
> base_config.sa_auth.form_plugin = None
> http_auth = BasicAuthPlugin('my cool site')
> base_config.sa_auth.form_identifies = [('http_auth', http_auth)]

Try this:
    http_auth = BasicAuthPlugin('my cool site')
    base_config.sa_auth.form_plugin = [('http_auth', http_auth)]

In this case, the form_plugin (a challenger) is also an identifier, 
so it's not necessary to set form_identifies=True because that's 
the default value.

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