Hi Gustavo,
The input fields are like that:
<input type="text" name="login"></input>
<input type="password" name="password"></input>

And here is my config file:


2009/1/16 Gustavo Narea <m...@gustavonarea.net>

> Hello, Mathieu.
> On Thursday January 15, 2009 21:18:00 Mathieu Drapeau wrote:
> > I do not get redirected to the restricted page (ex. test.html), I do get
> > redirected to the same form again (ex. loginform.html) after entering a
> > valid user/pass. I do look if I am authenticated after I filled the form
> > and I do. Based on the logs, the authentication process seems to be
> called
> > twice and it is why the "came_from" is changed from test.html to
> > loginform.html.
> OK, I see, but we can't help if you don't show us the way you're
> configuring
> the plugin, as I asked in the previous email ;-)
> By the way, so time ago somebody using TG2 was getting that behavior
> because
> the login form was not using "login" for the user name field and "password"
> for the password field. Can you please make sure that's not the problem? If
> not, then also post the code for your login form.
> Cheers.
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