Hello, everybody!

Two days ago I released repoze.what 1.0 Final, but before I could announce 
yesterday on the mailing lists, Alberto found an important bug that affects 
production websites. So here I'm announcing both releases:

repoze.what 1.0.1 (2009-01-21)

This release fixes an important bug which *may* affect production Web
sites depending on how you use the ``All`` predicate or any of its
derivatives (``has_all_permissions`` and ``in_all_groups``). TurboGears 2 
applications are all affected, at least by default. This was found by and
solved with the help of Alberto Valverde <http://albertovalverde.es/>
(¬°Gracias, Alberto!).

The likelihood that this will affect your application is very high, so 
upgrading is highly recommended if it's on production.

* Some :mod:`repoze.what` :mod:`predicates <repoze.what.predicates>` were not 
  thread-safe when they were instantiated in a module and then shared among
  threads (as used in TurboGears 2). 
  We fixed this by making 
  :meth:`repoze.what.predicates.Predicate.eval_with_predicate` raise an
  exception if the predicate is not met, instead of returning a boolean and
  setting the ``error`` instance attribute of the predicate to the predicate
  failure message.
  So if you are using that method directly, instead of using
  :func:`repoze.what.authorize.check_authorization`, this is a backwards
  incompatible change for you and thus you should update your code. If you
  check predicates like this (which is discouraged; see
      from repoze.what.predicates import is_user, in_group, All
      p = All(is_user('someone'), in_group('some-group'))
      environ = gimme_the_environ()
      if p.eval_with_environ(environ):
          print('Authorization is denied: %s' % p.error)
          print('Authorization is granted')
  Then you should update your code like this::
      # This way of checking predicates is DISCOURAGED. Use
      # repoze.what.authorize.check_authorization() instead.
      from repoze.what.predicates import is_user, in_group, All, 
      p = All(is_user('someone'), in_group('some-group'))
      environ = gimme_the_environ()
          print('Authorization is granted')
      except PredicateError, error:
          print('Authorization is denied: %s' % error)
  .. note::
      Because of this, TurboGears 2 users who want to use this release, should 
      try the latest revision in the TG2 Subversion repository or wait for 
      TurboGears-2.0b4. But again, there's no hurry if your application is not
      in production.
* For forward compatibility with :mod:`repoze.what` v2, the user id used in
  the built-in predicates is that found in 
  ``environ['repoze.what.credentials']['repoze.what.userid']`` and the 
  loaded are now available at ``environ['repoze.what.adapters']``. This is
  *not* a backwards incompatible change.

repoze.what 1.0 (2009-01-19)

This is the first stable release of :mod:`repoze.what` and it was announced
on the `Repoze blog 

* Fixed a problem with unicode support in
  :func:`repoze.what.authorize.check_authorization`, reported by Chen Houwu on
  TurboGears mailing list.
* Added the current user's groups and permissions to the newly-created
  ``environ['repoze.what.credentials']`` dictionary for forward compatibility 
  with :mod:`repoze.what` v2. Such values are still defined in the 
  :mod:`repoze.who` ``identity`` dictionary, but its use is highly discouraged 
  as of this release. See :mod:`repoze.what.middleware`.
* Applied work-around to fix Python v2.4 and v2.5 support.


I hope you will enjoy it!


[1] http://blog.repoze.org/repoze-what-1-dot-oh-20090119.html
Gustavo Narea <http://gustavonarea.net/>.

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