Due to customer requirements, repoze.bfg 0.6.7 was just released.  It contains
no backwards incompatibilities, but adds a virtual root feature, and allows the
model_url API to work against Routes contexts.  The changelog:

0.6.7 (2009-01-27)


- The ``repoze.bfg.url.model_url`` API now works against contexts
  derived from Routes URL dispatch (``Routes.util.url_for`` is called
  under the hood).

- "Virtual root" support for traversal-based applications has been
  added.  Virtual root support is useful when you'd like to host some
  model in a :mod:`repoze.bfg` model graph as an application under a
  URL pathname that does not include the model path itself.  For more
  information, see the (new) "Virtual Hosting" chapter in the

- A ``repoze.bfg.traversal.virtual_root`` API has been added.  When
  called, it returns the virtual root object (or the physical root
  object if no virtual root has been specified).

Implementation Changes

- ``repoze.bfg.traversal.RoutesModelTraverser`` has been moved to

- ``model_url`` URL generation is now performed via an adapter lookup
  based on the context and the request.

- ZCML which registers two adapters for the ``IContextURL`` interface
  has been added to the configure.zcml in ``repoze.bfg.includes``.
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