On Friday February 6, 2009 15:47:28 Chris McDonough wrote:
> Gustavo, don't you have a redirecting form plugin that already does this?

Yes, I think it's the one he's using.

It takes the SCRIPT_PATH into account when redirecting to the post-
login/logout pages, thanks to the ._get_full_path() method:

However, the redirection to the login handler (performed by 
RedirectingFormPlugin), the SCRIPT_PATH is not taken into account because of 
the bug in RFP.

Lukasz, if you're using repoze.who with the patch I uploaded, it should work 
because both the RedirectingFormPlugin and the FriendlyRedirectingForm plugins 
will be aware of the SCRIPT_PATH. The problem you describe is with the patch 
applied or without it?

> Apologies, Gustavo has mentioned this patch to me, and I've been trying to
> review this work, but I've been out of pocket on customer projects for the
> last two weeks.
> In the meantime this is a plugin to repoze.who, so even if Gustavo hasn't
> already forked off a patched version, you can plug in a patched version
> using the diff and use it.  The patch break tests, so I'll need to
> investigate, but you can certainly use a patched plugin as necessary.

The patch I sent to you makes RFP aware of the script path but breaks one of 
the tests that I added, since I didn't include the ._get_full_path() method. 
But the patch linked to by Lukasz includes it.

Chris, I can merge the FriendlyRedirectingFormPlugin into 
RedirectingFormPlugin (keeping backwards compatibility) and send you a new 
patch (including the new tests; with all of them passing), if this can help 
getting the fix applied sooner.

Gustavo Narea <http://gustavonarea.net/>.

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