Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
> Hello,
> There is a bug in tg2 about script_name and repoze.who. There is also
> a patch to fix the way urls are defined in repoze.who, namely make
> sure script_name is added in front of any url.
> 1.
> see script_name.
> 2. This is the bug:
> 3. This is a patch
> Can we make this a priority? I've bothered Gustavo already for about a
> month, but now that we have a patch its just a matter of getting the
> patch applied. I'm ready to play around with the tg2 but because
> tg2/repoze.who is not using urls with script_name prefixed it is hard
> to move on to the next step when applicaiton is broken from the
> default template.

Gustavo, don't you have a redirecting form plugin that already does this?

Apologies, Gustavo has mentioned this patch to me, and I've been trying to
review this work, but I've been out of pocket on customer projects for the last
two weeks.

In the meantime this is a *plugin* to repoze.who, so even if Gustavo hasn't
already forked off a patched version, you can plug in a patched version using
the diff and use it.  The patch break tests, so I'll need to investigate, but
you can certainly use a patched plugin as necessary.

- C

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