Hi Gustavo,

when you release a version please update the VERSION.txt of your
project in the trunk to the next to be released version... this will
allow developers working with the trunk to maintain clean dependencies
on your component....

At the moment TG2 trunk requires repoze.what-pylons >= 1.0b2, you
released that version but trunk of r.w.p is still in version 1.0b2...
This means that when used in developed mode it is labeled 1.0b2-dev
which is considered < to 1.0b2 which does NOT meet the TG2

Please this is important as it breaks trunk work and disrupts the work
flow of all people working in trunk.

Since you are the one changing the TG2 dependency in our trunk I
suggest you add to your procedure to always bump the VERSION.txt file
in your repoze trunk before you update TG2 dependency in setup.py.
This will avoid this annoying problem.

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