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On Wednesday February 11, 2009 10:31:12 binet bruno wrote:
> >> It will be also great if it was possible to choose using the __logins
> >> counter or no, so that we could keep a clean url if wanted.
> >
> > But without it you wouldn't be able to handle failed logins, *unless* you
> > use a post-login handler. It sounds like a sensible feature to me, can
> > you please open a ticket?
> My main concern was to keep a clean url, but param "came_from" and
> "__logins" available in the querystring prevent url from keeping a
> clean design.
> A proposed solution would be to store these data in a cookie rather
> than the query string. It would be the default behavior, but if client
> navigator does not support cookie (or cookie is not enabled), then we
> could fall back into the query string mechanism for storing these
> params.
> What do you think about it?
> We could also alternatively add specific argument to quickstart plugin
> to choose wether to use cookie or query string for storing the params
> "came_from" and "__logins"...

+1. :)

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