If one of the terms is a range search.

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> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> - It is now possible to pass a dictionary to the CatalogFieldIndex
>>  ``apply`` method.  When a dictionary is passed, the member of the
>>  dictionary named ``query`` is treated as the query.  It may be a
>>  single term, a sequence of terms, or a Range.  An additional
>>  dictionary member named ``operator`` may also be specified: when
>>  this is specified, it must be one of ``or`` or ``and`` (the default
>>  is ``or``).  If the query specifies multiple terms, and the operator
>>  is ``or``, the results will be unioned; if the query specifies
>>  multiple terms and the operator is ``and``, the results will be
>>  intersected.
> How is an 'and' operator going to work for a field index (as opposed  
> to
> a keyword index)?  Every document should have exactly one value for  
> the
> field index, which means that there should always be an empty  
> intersection.
> Tres.
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