Hi Everyone,

The Sphinx autodoc extension has undergone a refactoring that makes  
writing extensions *much* easier.  I have included my version of an  
autointerface extension on the Sphinx tracker under issue #85.  Could  
you please look at this and see if it meets your needs (and thus can  
be used to replace the repoze.sphinx.autointerface project)?  (I could  
not actually test yours very well because I use numpyext and there  
were clashes.)


If there are any missing features, I will try to add these, (I think  
the only thing is maybe the list of "base interfaces").  If the  
resulting extension is still small and clear, we might include it in  
the core of Sphinx as an example.


P.S.  I don't use Zope extensively, so I would appreciate any input  
about whether or not in the future a more involved "zopeext" extension  
with many additional features would be important, or if the present  
skeleton with a few additions would cover most cases.  If a more  
extensive extension would be useful, we should probably keep this as a  
separate package so as not to overburden the Sphinx developers.
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