On Friday February 27, 2009 16:13:49 Tres Seaver wrote:
> - Why is there a MANIFEST.in in the package?   Setuptools already
>   includes data files from an SVN checkout automatically.

Right. When I start creating a repoze.who/what plugin, I start working from 
the copy of a previous plugin... so it's been spread from the original 

I used such a file in the original package to force the exclusion of some 
files, until I discovered how to do it through the setup() function itself, so 
I'll remove that file from all the plugins.

> - setup.cfg defines the 'release' alias which pushes SVN-revision
>   pseudo-releases to PyPI:  things that haven't been tagged as
>   released ought not to be exposed on PyPI.  

Well, sometimes I want/need to do it (just to test it). It's been useful while 
developing the upcoming repoze.who-testutil plugin (it's easier than asking 
people to checkout the source code and then run `python setup.py develop`).

Then when I'm decided to release it, I just run:
    python setup.py release egg_info --no-svn-revision

>   It also pushes
>   a 'bdist_egg', which is pointless, as anybody installing the
>   package can just as well use the 'sdist' (no C extensions, etc.)

Yes, I have to update that.

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