On Friday February 27, 2009 16:56:09 Tres Seaver wrote:
> Note that the downloaded file has an underscore, rather than a hyphen.

Yes, but the distribution name is "repoze.what-pylons". Then setuptools or 
PYPI replaces the hyphen with an underscore automatically -- I don't have to 
do it myself.

For some reason, this automatic renaming is not being applied to "repoze.who-
friendlyform" and "repoze.who-testutil". I don't know why.

> I am confident that setuptools interprets hyphens in package names as
> dividing the "base" name of the distribution from the "version".

But then why "repoze.what-pylons" and "repoze.what-quickstart" don't have this 
problem? Note that the former has been around for ~20 days and the later for 
one month, and I had never heard of that problem -- try to install them and 
you'll see that the problem is not present.

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