Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the inter-list post but this is an inter-list project.

Since we share so much in common these days we decided to do a joint
sprint, which basically means we'll all be in the same room and we'll
probably subdivide ourselfs into small groups inside the room and
people will move around the tables depending on what they are
interested in.

But we need to get things started in organizing our sprint, for that
we should use the sprint wiki page
http://us.pycon.org/2009/sprints/projects/wsgi/ (please add your self
there now, for us to get a big room!)

As for ideas it will be best to discuss on the mailing lists first and
after some consensus is reach put it in, we don't want to overwhelm
ourselfs with work.

I'll be baby sitting that page for the next couple of days so, discuss :)

Looking forward to meeting you all at pycon!

PS: please if your answers are relevant to all 3 ML remember to use `reply all`
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