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On Sunday March 22, 2009 04:01:02 alex bodnaru wrote:
> i'm working on an elixir template for tg2, and i need the user_class
> translation to be User.table.c, instean of plain User.

I don't use Elixir and thus I don't know what's the difference between the 
User class and User.table.c, but I have tests for Elixir in the test suite for 
the repoze.what SQL plugin where the class is used directly. 

Are you sure "User.table.c" is what you want, instead of "User"? Are you 
getting an exception or something? TG2 used to support Elixir in the template 
and no additional step (compared to SA) was required.

Either way, here you'll learn how to override the default values in TG2:

> i have followed the indication in the source to use [plugin:sa_...
> sections in the ini, but i see no sign that the make_sa_authenticator
> /mdprovider have been run (i tried to print something in the
> functions).

>From .ini files you can do the same as from Python code, but anyway it always 
helps to show some code ;-)

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