At Pycon this year we'll be sharing sprint space with other "WSGI web
frameworks", including Pylons and TurboGears.  We'll hopefully be in the same
room as the Zope folks, too, although they are not participating under the same
sprint banner.

WSGI framework sprint:

Because we already have a good number of people (~17 at my last count) signed up
to the sprint, it's going to require some pre-effort to make sure we don't flail
entirely on the first day.

To that extent, I'd suggest that if you're coming to PyCon and you want to work
on Repoze-ish stuff that you edit the sprint Wiki page and put projects under
the "Repoze tasks" header.  Personally, I will be working with Ben Bangert on
trying to create indirections for some differences between Pylons and repoze.bfg
so we can share more framework stack components.  Other possible/suggested tasks

- repoze.zope2 improvements/features

- repoze middleware improvements

- repoze.who improvements

.. or whatever else suits your fancy.

Pycon arriveth!

- C
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