On 4/11/09 12:37 AM, Carlos de la Guardia wrote:
> Hi,
> you mentioned at PyCon that Malthe (chameleon guy) is *thinking* about
> removing the lxml dependency. Do you think that is at all possible? I might
> have to do some GAE work in the mid term, and it would be swell to use BFG
> for that.

I think Malthe would happily do this for money but I don't think he's gonna do 
it for fun.

In the meantime, we might break apart the bfg support for chameleon from the 
core and have some alternate bfg distribution that used, say, Genshi or Jinja2 
bindings.  Something like:

repoze.bfg_full -> repoze.bfg, repoze.bfg.chameleon
repoze.bfg_pythononly -> repoze.bfg, repoze.bfg.jinja2

If I had it to do all over again I probably would not have the bfg core depend 
directly on chameleon.

- C
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