A release of repoze.bfg 0.7.0 was placed in the "lemonade" index at 
http://dist.repoze.org/lemonade/dev .  This version fixes a few bugs and has 
major backwards incompatibility, which is described below (as well as a method 
to preserve the old behavior):

0.7.0 (2009-04-11)

Bug Fixes

- Fix a bug in ``repoze.bfg.wsgi.HTTPException``: the content length
   was returned as an int rather than as a string.

- Add explicit dependencies on ``zope.deferredimport``,
   ``zope.deprecation``, and ``zope.proxy`` for forward compatibility
   reasons (``zope.component`` will stop relying on
   ``zope.deferredimport`` soon and although we use it directly, it's
   only a transitive dependency, and ''zope.deprecation`` and
   ``zope.proxy`` are used directly even though they're only transitive
   dependencies as well).

- Using ``model_url`` or ``model_path`` against a broken model graph
   (one with models that had a non-root model with a ``__name__`` of
   ``None``) caused an inscrutable error to be thrown: ( if not
   ``_must_quote[cachekey].search(s): TypeError: expected string or
   buffer``).  Now URLs and paths generated against graphs that have
   None names in intermediate nodes will replace the None with the
   empty string, and, as a result, the error won't be raised.  Of
   course the URL or path will still be bogus.


- Make it possible to have ``testing.DummyTemplateRenderer`` return
   some nondefault string representation.

- Added a new ``anchor`` keyword argument to ``model_url``.  If
   ``anchor`` is present, its string representation will be used
   as a named anchor in the generated URL (e.g. if ``anchor`` is
   passed as ``foo`` and the model URL is
   ``http://example.com/model/url``, the generated URL will be

Backwards Incompatibilities

- The default request charset encoding is now ``utf-8``.  As a result,
   the request machinery will attempt to decode values from the utf-8
   encoding to Unicode automatically when they are obtained via
   ``request.params``, ``request.GET``, and ``request.POST``.  The
   previous behavior of BFG was to return a bytestring when a value was
   accessed in this manner.  This change will break form handling code
   in apps that rely on values from those APIs being considered
   bytestrings.  If you are manually decoding values from form
   submissions in your application, you'll either need to change the
   code that does that to expect Unicode values from
   ``request.params``, ``request.GET`` and ``request.POST``, or you'll
   need to explicitly reenable the previous behavior.  To reenable the
   previous behavior, add the following to your application's

     <subscriber for="repoze.bfg.interfaces.INewRequest"

   See also the documentation in the "Views" chapter of the BFG docs
   entitled "Using Views to Handle Form Submissions (Unicode and
   Character Set Issues)".


- Add a section to the narrative Views chapter entitled "Using Views
   to Handle Form Submissions (Unicode and Character Set Issues)"
   explaining implicit decoding of form data values.
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