I'm looking for something equivalent to plonepostpublicationhook 
(http://pypi.python.org/pypi/plone.postpublicationhook) for use with 

That is, I want to be able to install a component that can modify the 
response before it goes out to the client, whilst still having some 
knowledge of the site.

It may be that this should just go in WSGI middleware "above" the zope2 
component. However, I also want to be able to perform traversal for an 
ESI-type use case. In particular:

  - The "raw" response will contain links to things that need to be 
included dynamically.

  - Those links will resolve to items inside a Plone site.

  - It may be necessary to support two-phase rendering of all components 
to be included. That is, I'd need to find all linked entities, obtain 
them as objects, and call update() on each before calling render() on 
each and insert them into the output stream.

  - I don't want the full request overhead of transactions, 
authentication etc for each "fetch".

Any ideas on how/where best to do this?


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