Hi Chris,

> If you only need to transform pages that are rendered as the result of 
> responses 
> that are not due to errors, you could modify the repoze.zope2 ObobHelper 
> class' 
> map_result method and add a line around line 527 that sends an event.

I think we do need to handle at least things like 404's.

> If you need to catch both responses without errors and responses with errors, 
> currently the only place to do that is inside repoze.obob, as it is the thing 
> that drives the repoze.zope2 helper.  To do this, we might could change 
> repoze.obob's ObobPublisher.__call__ method to call something on the helper 
> right before it calls "start_response" (e.g. around line 177:  status, 
> headers, 
> body_iter = helper.post_response(published, status, headers, body_iter)).  
> The 
> helper code could send an event.

Is it OK for repoze.obob to depend on zope.event? If so, would you 
accept a patch for this? Any problems getting this into a release soonishly?


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