Tres Seaver <> added the comment:

I'm not sure why your registration controller can't just return the
'Set-Cookie' header itself, perhaps using whatever API the relevant
plugin implmentation exposes to compute the value.

If I *had* to get the header set via repoze.who, I might address your
use case by creating a custom plugin for repoze who, implementing the
IIdentifier interface.

In the 'identify' phase the plugin would recognize the URL of your
"registration controller", and return a special identifier mapping
(e.g., one with a  'registering' key).  It should set
'repoze.who.userid' in the identity as well ("pre-authenticating").

Assuming your plugin is "first" in the list, your special identity will
be in the environment as 'repoze.who.identity':  your application can
then munge that mapping to its heart's content.

In the 'remember' phase (on the way back out), your plugin could check
for the munged values and use them to compute the "remember headers".

status: unread -> chatting

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