Thanks to Carlos de la Guardia, repoze.bfg now has its own web presence at .  The site is basically just a way to browse and search 
BFG documentation and user-supplied content and to get an account so you can 
Trac issues and "tutorials".  Another goal of the site is to disambiguate BFG 
from other "repoze" stuff.

It still needs a bit of work but it's mostly finished.  It'd be useful if folks 
could test out the functionality and report issues.  Any content added will be 
dumped one last time before the site is announced as "live", so don't add 
anything too precious.

Non-Obvious Features

- Search is meant to search tutorials, documentation, and Trac issues and wiki 
pages.  The results returned are an amalgamation of those things.

- You can edit or delete a tutorial after you add one.

- Creating a paste doesn't require a login

- Logging in at the top level also logs you in to Trac (so you can add issues, 
wiki pages, etc).

Known issues:

- Styling of Trac ticket views and other Trac things is weird.

- Forms could use an idiom to call out "required" fields.

Obviously feedback on organization and styling is helpful too.


- C
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