On Apr 27, 2009, at 12:41 PM, Malthe Borch wrote:

> 2009/4/27 Reed O'Brien <r...@reedobrien.com>:
>> +0 I think it is OK to have a default one. Think "hello world".
> Devil's advocate here, but:
>>>> print "<html><body>Hello world</body></html>"
> You kind of don't need a templating language; in particular, you might
> want to serve up binary files only, combined with JSON input/output.
> We actually do that in ``repoze.filecat``.
> \malthe

I think this and Chris Rossi's:

from webob import Response

def hello_world_view(context, request):
     return Response("Hello world!")

promote bad code/markup mingling practices.

I am all about minimalism and modularity, but don't remove the roof  
because there is more than one material to use for it.

Damn I make bad analogies...

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