The repoze.bfg trunk (what will eventually be released as version 0.8) has shed 
all dependencies on packages that require compilation of C code.  This means 

- We now only support the "lxml-less" version of chameleon's implementation of
   ZPT out of the box.

- repoze.bfg.chameleon_genshi is now an add-on package (which depends on lxml)

- repoze.bfg.xslt is now an add-on package (which depends on lxml)

We also depend on slightly newer version of zope.component, which makes it 
unnecessary to have "zope.hookable" around.

The following direct dependencies were shed:

- chameleon.genshi
- zope.proxy
- zope.hookable
- zope.deferredimport

I hope we'll get this released in the next couple of weeks as 0.8.  I'd be 
grateful if folks could try this out on their favorite 
platform-without-the-capability-of-compiling-C-code (Windows, GAE, Jython, 
etc) and report back any interesting findings.

- C
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