The 0.9 release features the separation of an authentication policy and an 
authorization policy (previously there had been only a "security policy"), plus 
some additional authentication-related API support via the "forget" and 
"remember" APIs.   It also comes with a new "scripting" module (for scripts 
need to run BFG code), and adds APIs to the "paster" module.  See

Two new tutorials are in the docs.  The first is a tutorial detailing how to 
BFG with ZODB+traversal 
(  The second is a 
tutorial detailing how to use BFG with SQLAlchemy+Routes 
(  The first tutorial 
was used as presentation material at the recent Plone Symposium; the second 
tutorial has been tried by no one but myself.

The 0.9 series will represent an API stabilization with an eye towards a 1.0 
release.  Once we reach the "magical" 1.0, the API will be essentially "frozen" 
(or at least arbitrary changes will be vetted much more carefully, and 
deprecations will become harder).  As a result, I'd appreciate it if folks 
give feedback about APIs they dislike, so we needn't live with them forever.  
a result, please vet at 
your convenience.

It would also be useful if folks were able to audit the SQLAlchemy+Routes 
tutorial at .  I'm 
there are errors and omissions, and it's the part of BFG that I personnally 
believe will be the most subject to change before a 1.0 release comes down the 

In short, speak now or forever hold your peace. ;-)

- C

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