Hi all,

I have been working with repoze.zodbconn (in conjunction with repoze.bfg 
and Karl 3) and there have been several times when I wish I could just 
insert some WSGI component that does something with the ZODB connection. 

- At one point I wanted repoze.who.plugins.zodb to use the same 
connection as the application uses.  We shouldn't have to set up the 
ZODB connection twice on every request.  The cost is low but measurable.

- I wanted to create a WSGI logger that watches how many objects are 
loaded or stored by the handler for a request.

- Right now, I want to fine-tune the contents of the ZODB cache after 
every request.

To make tasks like these easier, I would like to add to repoze.zodbconn 
a WSGI framework component that opens a ZODB connection, puts that 
connection in the WSGI environment, calls the next WSGI app in the 
chain, then closes the same ZODB connection on the way out.  I intend to 
add it myself, but I would like to hear any feedback the group might 
have before I do it.

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