On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 8:42 PM, Douglas Mayle<doug...@openplans.org> wrote:
> I've been doing some testing of a new site, and I've used repoze.who
> and repoze.what for authentication, and authorization respectively.  I
> did notice one unusual behavior with AuthTktCookiePlugin, however.  If
> I log in to the site, I receive an auth_tkt cookie.  Once I have that,
> I drop and recreate the database, as well as cleaning out any server
> side session data.  Having done all that, I imagine that my
> environment is a clean slate, yet the predicate not_anonymous returns
> true, even though I haven't logged in yet.  That's because the
> credential data coming from client cookie is entirely trusted.  I was
> imagining some sort of collaboration between the client and server,
> such that the client cookie was just an index into a session.

AuthTkt doesn't contain a server side session storage or validates
against such a thing. It is based on a "secret string" and the userid
alone per default. You can add issuing IP address or timestamps to the
mix, but both have some drawbacks in certain situations.

I imagine you might have set up the secret either in code or a
configuration file and didn't change it. Thus the issued cookies still
contain valid authentication information.

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