On 6/22/09 11:48 AM, Nathan Yergler wrote:
> I'm trying to use repoze.bfg.traversalwrapper instead of baking in
> location awareness.  It appears that the names used to identify
> virtual host information drifted apart between repoze.bfg and
> traversalwrapper.  When trying to run I get a key error on
> "virtual_root".  Looking closer, it appears that repoze.bfg.router is
> looking for:
>              context, view_name, subpath, traversed, vroot, vroot_path = (
>                  tdict['context'], tdict['view_name'], tdict['subpath'],
>                  tdict['traversed'], tdict['virtual_root'],
>                  tdict['virtual_root_path'])
> And repoze.bfg.traversalwrapper is providing a dict with slightly
> different keys:
>          return dict(context=ob, view_name='', subpath=[], 
> traversed=traversed,
>                      vroot=vroot, vroot_path=vroot_path, root=self.root)
> Changing vroot to virtual_root and vroot_path to virtual_root_path in
> traversalwrapper seems to fix the problem.
> My question is about how to write a patch:
> a) Change keys used in repoze.bfg to match traversalwrapper (I suspect not)
> b) Change keys used in traversalwrapper to match repoze.bfg (perhaps)
> c) Update traversalwrapper to return *both* sets of keys
> I can see (c) being the correct choice if something other than
> repoze.bfg is currently using traversalwrapper.

I think it's b) actually.  Sorry about that.

> I'd love to write a quick patch and get things updated, just need a
> little guidance.

I'll actually just check a fix in and make a release... although it'd be great 
to get you set up to be able to make checkins 

- C
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