Tres Seaver wrote:
>> I see BFG uses the tests_require parameter to setuptools' setup function 
>> rather than the "normal zope way" of an extra_requires dict with a 
>> 'test' key.
>> What's the difference between these two from your perspective and what 
>> made you guys choose tests_require over extra_requires?
> So that '/path/to/python test' will do the right thing.  We
> don't expect / require using zc.buildout or any external runner to run
> the tests.

So, playing this back in a different way, did you guys pick nose over 
zope.testrunner because zope.testrunner doesn't work with
"python test"?

>> Also, how come nose and coverage aren't specified as dependencies anywhere?
> They are optional.  We often run the tests with them, but don't insist
> that everyone must.




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