z...@kevinkal.com wrote:
>   I've become a big fan of pip.  The --freeze option is great.  It seems 
> that it lets you pin your versions all the way down.  I'm just watching 
> all of the pain with certain buildout recipes where I could imagine them 
> easier to create if the person creating the recipe had the possibility 
> to pin every version easily.

I'm not very familiar with pip, but I don't think that's an issue for 
Buildout.  Buildout also has the ability to pin the version of all 
packages, but I don't think that's what Jens and I want in this case.

We want an authority to provide a regularly updated list of Repoze 
package versions known to probably work together.  Thankfully, the BFG 
index is serving that purpose, except that it's not easy to combine that 
list with the rest of PyPI.  I think the problem would be solved if that 
index took the form of a versions.cfg (auto-generated would be fine).


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