Hi Everyone,
I'd like to extend basic user model available in repoze, and add additional
class called "Gallery".
this addition is needed because I'd like to create an app for photo
galleries. I'd like to have one user have access to many galleries and have
different roles in each of them (i.e user could be the admin in the gallery
he owns, could be able to view the other one, and could be able to add
photos to the another). so I think I should have different user-group
relationship for each site (which I assume means that I need ternary
relationship between user, gallery and site.
group-permission relationship could stay as it is now because group types
(i.e. admin, guest, friend) stay the same in the whole application.
i'd be grateful for any suggestions how this should be achieved "the right
way" using repoze.
best regards

ps. i'm using repoze with pylons
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