I'm new to zope/repoze etc. I'm working on something where I want
ultimately to be able to drop it into any wsgi aware environment and
have it *just work*. I plan on this project being a stupidly well
document stand alone admin interface scaffold for cases where explicit
is better than auto-generated or reflected. ( For example. validation
schemas, form schemas, view schemas, all with be declared data-mapper
style )

I was going to do it with just paste tools but it seems like I'm
spending too much time trying to write subpar dispatching
mechanisms. ;-) I should piggyback on something, and I *think this means
it should have:

- no thread locals: all working objects are instantiated per request so
users can use self without fear

- no framework magic super globals: no worrying about how to get
framework provided magic into your project that isn't a framework
( ie pylons global request and response objects )

- minimal dependencies on third party libraries, third party integration
to be provided by middleware 

- wsgi all the way down, use of the popular wsgi libraries that other
frameworks are using where possible 

- easy for the client user to understand when code is being called by

I'm heavily in the boxes and arrows stage, designing the client api, and
experimenting with nice ways to implement it. I would love to hear
feedback from experts on bfg and zope on whether they think bfg is a
good potential for the above and why/why-not.


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