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Cezary said:
> Just a quick question: what about repoze.who (using sql database) and
> users/groups/permissions? is it also, like you said,"optional"? from what
> I've seen in the docs for repoze.what quickstart, setup_sql_auth needs
> user, group and permission class as arguments. 

repoze.what-quickstart is a package aimed at people who want both repoze.who 
and repoze.what, but want to get them usable quickly with SQLAlchemy models. 
That's why it needs the user model (required by repoze.who.plugins.sa) and the 
group and permission models (required by repoze.what.plugins.sql).

If you're not going to use repoze.what's built-in groups/permissions 
implementation, you have to set `group_class` and `permission_class` to None in 

> but also in docs for
> repoze.who SQLAlchemyAuthenticatorPlugin I saw there's only user_class
> needed

Right, the SQLAlchemy authenticator requires the user model to authenticate the 
user, so here it is mandatory.

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