Chris said:
> A workaround for this symptom was added to repoze.who 1.0.14 (contributed
> by Gustavo Narea) which allows the auth_tkt configuration to specify a
> "userid_checker".  If you pass a callable in to the auth_tkt identifier
> plugin's constructor, that callable will be called with the userid; if it
> returns True, it means that the user still exists.  If it returns false, it
> means the user no longer exists (and credentials will not be accepted).
>  I'm not sure how you'd integrate this into Turbogears/repoze.what, but the
> feature now exists.


In my working copy I've implemented a callable for the repoze.who SQLAlchemy 
plugin, but I still need to test it. I hope to get it included in a new 
release as soon as I can.

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