Hi folks, might be thinking about this all wrong, question re bgf

In the case of a post updating a model from a form, and the update is
done, I want to redirect to my 'view' view so as to prevent multiple
submissions. In the docs I can see how to do a redirect with a specied
url, but it seems like one of the advantages of the zcml config with
interfaces is that it can work with many models and actions ( update,
request for form etc ) without specifying the exact url.

So, the question is, what is the right way to kick the whole shebang
back to square one so that it matches for a view view after update?

Anyone have bfg example code of the form generation, validation, and
submission process? If not, this would be great to have for the docs.
Perhaps I can bungle through some examples that would be worth using if
I can get help cleaning them up for proper repoze/zope style when done.


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